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The Netherlands Ecological Research Network organises two annual meetings, the "Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM)" and the symposium series "Current Themes in Ecology (CT)". Apart from these two meetings, NERN sometimes organises ad-hoc meetings or symposia about current topics of interest.

Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM)

The annual NAEM meeting is a tw-day meeting held on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of February. The NAEM meeting is held at "Conference centre De Werelt" in Lunteren and  organised under the auspices of NERN and is supported by NWO (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). For more information about the upcoming and previous NAEM meetings, please click here.

Current Themes in Ecology Symposium series (CT)

The symposium series "Current Themes in Ecology" has been founded to highlight some of the exciting developments in ecological research and bring them to the attention of a wider audience of both fundamental and applied scientists. The first Current Themes in Ecology symposium was organised in 2001.  The CT symposium series is also supported by NWO. For more information about the upcoming and previous Current Themes symposia, please click here.

Other Ecology-oriented meetings

Finally, NERN also aims to announce and highlight other ecology-oriented meetings in- and outside the Netherlands, that could be of interest to the people in the NERN network. an overview of these other upcoming ecology-oriented meetings can be found here.